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A committee is being formed in Price called the Green Team. Green Team will work towards finding existing and new recycling programs. Green team has met twice to discuss efforts in Price, assign research projects and report on the Moab Recycling Center.

"I am so excited about recycling getting started in Price," says Kathy Murray, SUN Center adviser. CEU has made many attempts in the past to start a recycling program. Recently the SUN Center purchased receptacles and placed them in different areas throughout campus. Jacob Major, the student in charge of the recycling program, was making trips over the mountain to drop off the paper to be recycled. This method proved to be difficult with how much paper Major had to carry in his car.

Many recycling projects are active in Price. RJ Roberts, a local business owner, picks up paper for any office that will call him, and has been collecting for CEU many years. The SUN Center has collected pop tabs for eight years for the Ronald MC Donald house, and aluminum cans or Habitat for Humanity. Wal-Mart and Albertsons collects plastics to recycle, Creekside Elementary and Wellington Elementary also have recycling programs.

It's not too late to get involved. Anyone can contact the SUN Center to find out about the Green Team's next meeting or get the list of the recycling programs in the Price area.

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