Former CEU student body president elected SUU student body president

Jesse Holt, 21-years-old, elected to second student body president position at a college
Posted Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 12:00am

Former College of Eastern Utah student body president, 21-year-old Jesse Holt was voted as Southern Utah University's student body president as his One Party candidates swept executive council positions in the SUUSA general elections.

Holt received 627 votes over Storm the Norm Party presidential candidate Sherstin Creamer's 530.

When Holt served as ASCEU president in 2005-06, he wrote, "To me vision is nothing without action, which is what I plan on doing; putting my visions along with each of yours into action. I would love to tell you that I am going to change the world, but do not believe in making promises that I cannot keep.

"I will give it my all to make CEU an experience you will not forget. This year we have a great group of students working together for a common goal: making CEU a great institution for higher education as well as a place to have a lot of fun. It is a student-friendly campus. You have the potential of being involved and staying connected to the campus."

"Having students involved throughout the year will help the moral of CEU as well as letting the students have a sense of school pride. The community is very inviting to the college and hopefully the students are responsive to their surroundings. Let's try to have a great year and let your voices be heard. The AS-CEU Leadership booth is open Monday-Friday at 9 a.m.; the booth is for the students to make suggestions so we can make CEU a better place, a place to remember."

Under his leadership, ASCEU released their statement of expectations. He said his goals were simple; make sure students' voices were heard in the decision-making process on campus. He wanted to continue the efforts of getting the community involved with the college. He wanted to improve the campus life as a whole, plus ensure each student's time on campus was an enjoyable and memorable experience. He felt that food service could be improved with quality and satisfaction as well as meeting the requests of students who live in residential life. He wanted students to feel that they had a sense of school pride while attending CEU.

Many of the issues addressed in campus-wide meetings were addressed by Holt. He wanted to ensure the faculty and students were on the same level and working together. He wanted to get the students out to the activities and ball games. He wanted to have the dorms be living up to their potential and have students be proud that they live in the residence halls.

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