Fan Experience coming to SLC


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In 1970, San Diego held the first Comic-Con. It was called the Golden State Comic-Con and drew in about 300 people. The Golden State Comic-Con was initially held for comics’ fans.

Now 46 years later, this tradition is still being celebrated. Today the convention averages well past 100,000 attendants annually.

On March 23, 2016, Salt Lake City is hosting Fan Experience (FanX). Unlike Comic Con, FanX specializes in all pop culture, not just comic books, and other related genres. At FanX and Comic Con there are many different booths. Stores and artists rent out space in the convention center to sell to the specified geek demographic. These booths help add to the unique experience.

These booths offer a wide variety of experiences and merchandise, whether it be selling hand-drawn artwork, jewelry inspired by a T.V. series of some of the fans favorite characters, to actually meeting some of your television hero’s for a photo.

Last year, FanX had an attendance of 50,000, whereas this year’s numbers are expected to break records set even by last year’s Salt Lake Comic Con, which reached over 125,000 plus members.

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