Exercise equipment refurbished in BDAC

Posted Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 7:17pm

As students enter the weight room in the BDAC, they might notice that some of the equipment looks like it’s new. Upward Bound students made this possible for USU Eastern by refurbishing some of the old equipment.

Upward Bound is a four-year program that helps high school students become prepared for college; it’s for students from 9th-12th grade. It’s also a grant program that’s based on how many students graduate.

The program provides tutoring for students at high schools; it also exposes the students to leadership rolls.

Joel Garff came up with an idea to help out the community. He decided that the students in Upward Bound, the advisors; Meagan Woods, Justin Orth and his wife Julianne, would come together to help with the project.

Garff decided to organize the project in order to rank higher in his Eagle Scouts. The project was to refurbish the workout equipment in the BDAC. His goal was to organize the project, improve the community and along with it came free labor. “I learned how to be a better leader, organize things, and manage time. These are very important life skills, and I feel that it’s a life long thing,” Garff said.

The whole idea for the project came from Justin Orth, the director of Upward Bound. It was started in November 2011, and finished in February 2012.

About 20 people helped with the project. Julianne Orth donated most of the materials and put in a lot of her time to help as well.

“The project turned out great, and the school and community both benefit from it,” Garff added.

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