Eric Hansen: the man

Posted Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 7:05pm

Number 21, Eric Kent Hansen, hails from the town of Roy, Utah, where he graduated in 2008 from Roy High School. Hansen is a multi-talented, well-rounded man. In high school he competed in soccer, basketball, football, and baseball, while also being involved in chamber choir and serving as the royal choir president. High school was a good experience for him, but when asked what his favorite memory of high school was, he replied, “Graduation day was the best!” I guess he was excited about his upcoming move to Price, Utah.

After graduation, Hansen brought his talents to USU Eastern for his freshman year of college. Then, after completing one year of schooling, Hansen left to embark on a new adventure: a two-year church mission to Campinas, Brazil. He enjoyed his mission a lot, saying that, “every day was memorable to me.” He feels like the two years he got to spend in Brazil were well spent.

Now back from Brazil, Hansen finds himself again at USU Eastern, the very place he started his college journey three years ago. Hansen commented that he “loves the small campus and having a one-on-one relationship with the professors. The people here are awesome.” When asked about his least favorite thing about the school, he answered, “I honestly love everything here; I don’t have a least favorite thing.” The positivity Hansen emits is truly one of a kind. He is glad to be at USU Eastern.

The reason we are blessed to have Hansen here with us is basketball. “Basketball brought me to CEU and here is where I felt and knew I needed to be. I love the community and the people,” he stated. “Every day was awesome playing ball, I love it.”

Along with basketball, family is extremely important to Hansen. Unable to think of any more interesting questions to ask him, we asked if there was anything else about him he thought should be included in the article. His reply; “I really love my mom. You can put that in the article if you want.” Put it in the article, we did. We thought it important that everyone be exposed to the big heart of Hansen, and this statement showed it off quite well.

Hansen is a man with multiple talents and a big heart. A man that can put a smile on anyone’s face. A man possessing greatness. A man of USU Eastern.

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