An electronic world means electronic smoking has come


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The world has become electronic. When it comes to cars, phones or computers one touch will do just about anything. Now you can even smoke without the troubles of ash, smell or even a lighter.

The electronic cigarette has become one of the most talked about products from public places like restaurants to the work place. These gadgets are approved by the FDA to be smoked in any public place without the harsh chemicals or second hand smoke that regular cigarettes can carry.

How do they work? I took the liberty of ordering a starter kit from a company called bluCigs, and they’re fairly simple. It consists of one battery, an atomizer and a flavor cartridge to make up the cigarette. The atomizer, fueled by the battery, takes the flavoring and makes vapor, which is what comes out looking as smoke.

Resembling a real cigarette, they can also come in any color you’d like and even flavors like cherry crush. Though they do not contain any of the chemicals regular cigarettes do, they have some interesting ingredients that are Propylene Glycol-free and contain only nicotine, distilled water, USP Grade Glycerin, natural and artificial flavors and citric acid.

The flavor cartridge is the largest part because it’s what gives you the flavor and the liquid to make the vapor smoke. You’re probably wondering how long it lasts. One cartridge is equal to a traditional pack of cigarettes containing 20.

However, when it comes to prices, this is the way to go. A box with five cartridges is roughly $12, which means 100 cigarettes without the chemicals for less than half the price.

So can these devices really be smoked anywhere? It is not considered a traditional cigarette and does not burn tobacco, so it can be smoked in many places where tobacco-smoking bans exist such as bars, restaurants, planes and office buildings. The e-cigarette produces a vapor that is odorless and disappears in several seconds, unlike cigarette smoke. It may be a good idea to check with your location before using this product as it is easily mistaken for a real cigarette and has been known to cause conflict.

The electronic cigarette has become so popular that it is even offered in gift bags at the Grammys. The company, bluCigs, has also just announced a partnership with Global Exec Aviation (GEA), a luxury charter jet service based in Southern California. GEA will now offer in-flight packs of blu disposable e-cigarette singles to its exclusive Fortune 500 and celebrity regulars – allowing its passengers to satisfy cravings to smoke without impacting air travel safety or disturbing non-smoking customers.

Many people over the Internet have reviewed that this method has been the most successful when trying to quit smoking. There are many alternatives but only this helps you create the same feelings you get from a standard cigarette.

These ideas bring new problems as well; being so simple these products open a door to younger people. They look cool, taste great and are easier to get than actual cigarettes. You can pick them up at the mall or over the Internet. It’s almost effortless for teens to get addicted to nicotine this way, especially when you only have to be 18 to purchase them.

Good idea or not, it’s your option to judge. All in all the e-cigarette offers a way for smokers and non-smokers to coexist peacefully.

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