Donkeys, monkeys and elephants . . . all must support the U.S. president

Let each one think of him or her as the one on whose shoulder America rests.
Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 4:45pm

Exactly nine years ago last week, Americans commemorated the terrorist attack, which destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. The world mourned the lost of friends, families and citizens. This event shook the world and not only America. Almost every country lost someone.

Every American was in shock and fear. But the highlight of this tragic event was when Democrats, Republicans and small parties held hands and sang “God Bless America” at Capitol Hill. It brought tears to my eyes, and still today, I have goose bumps when I think of that.

That day political colors were irrelevant; skin color did not matter to anyone. What everyone was interested in was the well-being of America. There were donations from everywhere in America and other countries towards the relief of victims. The rich and the poor gave to this cause.

Americans during this event became more patriotic than ever. They supported the former president, George W. Bush, in the war against terrorists. In fact his political rating shot high. The world also supported America.

But my worry is how quickly the unity of America has faded with time. I am shocked at how partisan politics is slowly eating into that unity America showed the world. It seems Americans need tragedies to unite them. Sometime we may not agree with a president’s policy and we go to the extent of calling him names and doing everything in our power to see him fail. What is even funnier is that some people would not even listen to the president speak because they are affiliated with a certain party.

One thing I have realized is that our politicians are all the same. They claim to be donkeys or elephants. But their goal is toward the well-being of America, the only difference is the approach.

I believe that if we will not oppose just for sheer opposition or will not hate because a president does not come from our political party, America will be a better place than it is now. This nation was founded by men who knew that God exists, hence the motto “ In God we trust.” If you share the belief that the voice of the people is the voice of God, then I believe that God has a hand in who leads the country.

Because of some of the good things America does for the rest of the world, God has always blessed her. I hope Americans will put behind anything that disunites them and rally behind whoever rules.

Desist from politicizing the little mistakes that the president makes.

If he is wrong, let us say it. But I hope we do so with the spirit of love and unity. Taking advantage of the smallest thing to score cheap political points will end up destroying us and particularly, the poor and voiceless.

The government does not run a country; the people run it. Let each one think of him or her as the one on whose shoulder America rests. Do what you can in your own area to improve the lot of those around you. It does not matter who did it. At the end we all want a better nation.

May each of us get involved in the nation’s politics and not leave things for some few elites who sometimes are selfish and appetite driven. We can make a difference in the governance of this land. And whether we claim donkey, monkey or elephant, may all rally behind the president and help him with all our power and might to succeed. If he fails, America fails and if he succeeds, America succeeds. God bless America.

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