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Six members of Delta Epsilon Chi represented the College of Eastern Utah at the state tournament hosted by Utah Valley State College with Daren Larsen and Kellan Stevens bringing home a first-place finish in business law.

According to DEX adviser David Cassdiy, Larsen and Stevens had one hour to prepare a case and then present it to a panel of three judges. Their first place is the first time in five years that CEU has had anyone take a first in state competition.

The CEU team consisted of Randon Kerr (business club president), Larsen, Stevens, Ray Smithson, Janaye Milano and Daniel Powell. Everyone on the CEU team placed in the top six in their event.

"Randon's leadership and enthusiasm contributed not only to the team's success in the competition but his organizational skills and leadership have been essential to the success of the business club this school year," Cassidy added.

"CEU will send four students to Orlando, Fla., to compete in the national event April 21-24. They will represent Utah in that competition and despite the increased competition at this level, I am confident that Utah's past success will continue.

I would not be surprised to see our business law team take first in the nation – they are that good, Cassidy said.

Delta Epsilon Chi is an international organization for college students preparing for a variety of careers. Its programs engage students from a variety of educational disciplines, while maintaining a strong focus on business-related areas such as marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Activities promoted integrate with and enhance the student's college curriculum.

Students participate in Delta Epsilon Chi programs through local college and university chapters. Local chapters may also receive support through their state, territory or province. Delta Epsilon Chi is currently active throughout the U.S., its territories and Canada.

The mission of Delta Epsilon Chi is to serve its diverse international membership as a professional organization, providing leadership and career-oriented opportunities to develop and enhance tomorrow's leaders.

Delta Epsilon Chi programs focus on leadership, networking, experimental learning, career and professional development and community service.

DEX offers a variety of conferences that focus on leadership and team development, complementing the leadership positions held by students from the local chapter through the international levels.

It gives students and faculty opportunities to travel, network with peers, and meet with leaders in business and industry through conferences, leadership academies and seminars.

Its members learn through experience, beginning at the local level with chapter activities and leadership roles. Delta Epsilon Chi also enhances classroom instruction by providing a professional competitive events program for students to test their knowledge and skills in a variety of career paths.

DEX develops strategic decision-making skills essential for college students seeking professional careers, and helps students make informed career choices by providing opportunities to explore a divers group of professional fields.

Delta Epsilon Chi's recognizes chapters for their support of their communities. All Delta Epsilon Chi programs recognize students and advisors for their leadership, commitment to education, individual accomplishment and teamwork.

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