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Dear editor,

When I heard that Bill Osborn

had left CEU, I was shocked. He

was a great leader and like all the

others who commented in the last

issue, he will be missed.

I met Bill in 2005 after being

selected to represent the CEU

Ambassadors on a July trip to

plan the year's activities. I was

immediately accepted as one of

his own. While I might have

been struggling, his smile would

brighten my day. Bill helps students

fi gure things out on their

own. He would not give an answer

to a question, but would guide us

on how to find it.

While at CEU I was a criminal

justice club president, an ambassador,

member of the social

sciences senate, as well as other

committees. As a senate member,

we were asked to improve things

on and off campus. We addressed

many issues, but were ultimately

turned down by the administration.

After scheduling countless

appointments, we were still unable

to meet with administrators to

explain our concerns. They asked

that we help the college become a

better environment for students but

would reject our proposals.

In 2006, ASCEU President

Jesse Holt, with the support of Bill

and countless students, made noise

on campus. Things were said that

hurt feelings and may have made


A criminal justice professor

instantly became a mentor to me

but his stay at the institution was

cut short. Again, after making

suggestions to help improve the

school, he too was turned down.

It was then when I realized that

nothing would change the way

CEU was being ran.

There is only one more group

that can implement change, the

administrators themselves. If

losing "Papa" Bill is their idea of

a positive change for the College

of Eastern Utah, they are wrong.

Today I stand as a supporter of

the "Statements of Expectations"

presented by ASCEU as well as

a supporter of Bill. You will be

missed and there is a void on campus

that will never be filled.

Chad Valdez

Weber State University


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