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Many students struggle in school every day due to being sleep deprived, having relationship issues and are stressed to the maximum limit. Tracy Kitchen, director of the Disability Resource Center, offers counseling services to help students deal with these issues.

Kitchen provides individual counseling services for issues such as those mentioned above, along with several other mental health issues, such as eating disorders and self-esteem issues. She is able to help students with about anything as far as mental health is concerned, even if it is just a student needing someone to confide in.

"I like this job because I get to help students succeed in completing their college education goals," states Kitchen. She received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Florida Southern College and her master's degree at Brigham Young University. After completing school, Kitchen worked for the Utah State Hospital two years and received her LCSW, this makes her a licensed clinical social worker and gives her the ability to offer her independent counseling services at the college.

Kitchen's family is from Florida, where they reside today, and her husband's family is from Santaquin, Utah. Kitchen's husband was accepted to the CEU nursing program which brought them to the Price area.

In Kitchen's professional opinion, the counseling services she offers here at CEU helps students to better achieve their goals. "If a student is having trouble sleeping, having test anxiety, feeling depressed, or any of these things, it is going to be harder for them to succeed because they are not in the right state of mind to do so," states Kitchen.

The Disability Resource Center also helps students with disabilities to get the accommodations that they need and has assistance programs for students struggling with substance abuse. The services offered at the center are free of charge to all CEU students. For more information contact Kitchen at 435-613-5326 to make an appointment, or simply stop by her office in the SAC Building.

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