CHS student wins fifth annual CEU art show

Posted Wednesday, January 28, 2009 - 5:11pm

The College of Eastern Utah's Fifth Annual High School Art Competition yielded many winners, but, Meagan Roach in addition to her many accomplishments made it another victory after she won first place.

Roach has many accomplishments in art throughout high school. Her accomplishments range from being the debate captain at Carbon High School to being the art Sterling Scholar. She participates in "NHS [National Honors Society], TSA [Technology Student Association], Friends of Rachel, debate, Sterling Scholar and breakfast book club," Roach said. She also participates at the Helper Arts Festival, logo contests and other events.

In addition to her art experience, she holds many positions in various programs. She currently is serves as debate captain. After winning several awards in dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation and Lincoln-Douglas debate she was labeled most congenial debater at Carbon. She serves as a cartoonist for Carbonation, tutors, assists in an art gallery hosted at Carbon High every year and is the president of a modest Anime Junkies Club. She plays songs such as "Trading My Sorrows," "Friend of God" and "Beauty of Simplicity" with the electric guitar at the church that she attends.

As a senior in high school, she anticipates being, "the first person to in my family to walk for graduation," she said. Having only traveled outside the state, a few times, she aspires for greatness through modesty. "I find that when you challenge yourself, you learn more about yourself." She is not only challenging herself to be the first person in her family to graduate from high school but adds being the first to graduate from college to this goal.

She plans on attending CEU after graduation. She said, "graphic arts has steadily become my main area of interest."

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