Christmas Hypocrisy


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It has come to that time of year again, the magical sounds of sleigh bells can be heard far and wide, twinkling lights can be spotted for miles, and the inevitable sound of bitching and moaning from the ever so convenient debates on the meaning of Christmas. It can be heard every year, the people who find themselves engorged in the idea that they must argue the meaning of Christmas and its sudden corruption in order to "prove a point" about an idea that is far from original and much closer to anyone's "STFU" point.

As we all know the point of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who some day will come back to save our sorry butts. While this is a nice thought, and believed by a large portion of America, Christmas has found its way into the black hole of commercialism. Revolving around reindeers with glowing noses, over-decorated plastic pine trees and presents wrapped to the hilt, portraying a tree huggers worst nightmare.

To some this ADD holiday puts them into a craze, encouraging them to roam the streets with their unsolicited testimonies. To the other 98 percent of the country, it is an idea of pure bliss. Hearing people scream their thoughts on the downward spiral of the meaning of Christmas makes most American consumers want to strangle these scrooges with their designer shopping bags.

The idea is not hard to digest. Yes Christmas has lost most of its religious luster, and no this is not a new idea popping up with the new flowers of spring. To those who have felt the need to throw a fit over the dismal holiday we have created, no one truly cares. In fact, the sound of your annoying ranting may cause you to find a seven foot tree lodged in a place where only your Yule log should exist. What really grinds the gears of your agitated peers is the sight of your greedy little hands picking through Black Friday sales and the endless bags you are found to be carrying as you cry out your hate for the whole holiday season. This is the point, when Santa Claus lovers such as myself, feel the need to beat you over the head with the stocking hanger from your beloved childhood.

While the Christmas season has become nothing more than a chance to give and receive endless junk that none of us need, it is quite a comfortable thought. Although Christmas is truly meant to celebrate the religious individual's belief of choice, times have changed.

The sad fact is that Christmas has been the same for centuries. Since the creation of Santa Clause, our favorite fictional character, Christmas has been about giving gifts and no longer about god alone, which you may find as you spend your life savings along with every other mortal surrounding you.

When you find yourself overcome by a clever idea consisting of the Christmas downfall, keep your thoughts to yourself. While you may feel that times have changed for the worst, you are doomed to be trapped in the sugarplum hell that keeps children fearing for their lives on Christmas eve.

The point is this; you may feel that Christmas is an over-celebrated, cliché, god drowning holiday, but you are most likely the most flamboyant with that Christmas bonus you greedily take to the department store. Think what you must about the holiday season, but when you can't contain yourself from the hell we call Wal-mart, zip it up and let every other over kid have at their glittery labeled stockings in peace.

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