CEU's first "Pin Up" calendar brings funds into nursing dept.

Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2009 - 2:23am

Say it isn't so ... swapping the bodies of the College of Eastern Utah cheerleaders with the faces of the Castleview Hopital Pink Ladies to create the 2005 "Pin-Up" calendar to earn scholarship money for the nursing department.

Whoa, that's a unique proposal for even nursing instructor and photographer Kimball Johnson to come up with. "Actually, the Pink Ladies wanted to use the bodies of the models from Fredericks of Hollywood, but I was not sure how to get the copyright from the company and figured that would be too expensive or tough to get signed consent forms," Johnson smiled. "However, looking back, that would have been interesting".

Johnson said, "I was first approached by Pink Lady Sherline Riche who wanted me to put together a calendar featuring hospital personnel to earn money for CEU nursing scholarships. She suggested I use Dr. Cam Williams in a Speedo for the cover. I came up with the idea of using members of the CEU cheer squad."

He continued, "Since I take the athletic department individual and team photos every year, I asked the cheerleaders if they would consent to posing for this unique fundraiser.

"I had already shot the cheer photos during fall semester so I had their poses on file. I shot candid shots of the Pink Ladies at the hospital and spent 60 to 70 hours meticulously taking their faces and placing them on the bodies of 12 members of the cheer squad through the wizardry of the Coral Photo Paint computer program. I whitened and straightened some of the Pink Ladies' teeth, but other than that, they look pretty darn good," he said.

Johnson was pleased with the calendar's outcome which features Pink Ladies: Shirline Riche, Viola Tesch, Shirley Prettyman, Doris Powell, Dorothy Blackham, Frances Hussey, Glenna Stewart, Doris Galbraith, Karen Tamllos, Bessie Christman, Jan Malone and Shirley King.

"I next contacted Peczuh Printing to get an estimate of how much the full-color calendars would cost. The bid was a little over $2,400 for 2,000 calendars. If every calendar is sold, the nursing department could have a little over $7,400 in their scholarship pool next year," Johnson said.

Because of the initial $2,400 printing investment was more than the Pink Ladies' budget could handle, Johnson paid for the first printing out of his pocket. Once he recoups the printing cost, all proceeds from the calendar will go directly to the CEU nursing scholarship fund.

The calendars are on sale in CEU's Bookstore, UPS store, Hard Hat Appliances, both Groggs and Impact Graphics for $5.

Johnson is pleased with the reception people have when they see Eastern Utah's infamous "Pin Up" fund raising calendar. "Everyone who sees the calendar smiles when they skim through each month's unique model."

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