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The admissions and scholarships office will be adding new additions to the staff next year at CEU.

The new students who will be joining the Eastern Utah Ambassador team next year will be Krista Allred from Roy, Jared Bracken and Nick Cox from Carbon, Kate DeLeeuw from Tooele, Ashley Hickmon from Cyprus, Andrew Higham from Clearfield, Ashley Jeppson and Erica Jeppson from Davis, Kara Knudsen from Bear River, Danielle Martino from Carbon, Victor Rosen and Callie Seely from Emery, Kaitlin Stuart from Weber and Tyler Swenson from Emery.

The team helps in the admissions and scholarships office by being liaisons between the college and the high schools. They will assist in all aspects of recruiting, including: doing bulk mail, making phone calls, helping out on the high school tour, taking people on tours of campus, putting together activities designed to attract students, answering questions, being the contact between CEU and their respective high schools, providing service to CEU and the community, doing numerous assigned tasks and helping out wherever needed.

The Ambassadors hold weekly meetings wherein they coordinate efforts with philanthropy, campus programs, eagle escapes, high school visits, campus activities, publicity, service, campus tours, office tasks, ambassador activities, maintaining a history and other tasks. During these weekly meetings, they also receive continuing training. A big part of these is focused on ideas concerning recruitment. All of the Ambassadors love it at CEU and those who will be leaving this year claim that they "will always be an Eastern Utah Ambassador."

They also love to hold weekly classroom discussions in their "principles of effective leadership" class. Here the Ambassadors are taught about human relations and being a leader through serving and helping others. This coursework is aimed at helping the Ambassadors to be more effective in their interactions with others. This course works is aimed at helping the ambassadors to be more effective in their interactions with others. Oftentimes we share open communication about "people principles" and how they have or will apply these principles in their lives to help others.

The former Ambassadors say that most who serve as an Ambassador come away from the experience loving CEU and being more enlightened and more accepting of others.

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