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Mr. and Miss CEU
Posted Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 5:06pm

As the halfway point of January passes, it brings us closer to Mr. and Miss CEU pageants in February. In one month the CEU community will be able to watch our students strut their stuff on stage.

All students who want to participate need to is sign up. Becky Noyes and Danielle Tremelling (Miss CEU 2008) are looking forward to working with the nine contestants to perform in the Miss CEU Pageant Feb. 12.

Student government is looking for outgoing, charismatic, entertaining young men to represent their favorite clubs on campus in the Mr. CEU Pageant on Feb. 13. Last year's winner, Josh 'Ox' Jewkes describes the pageant as, "really, really fun," and "kinda a big spoof." Now if you're looking to sign up for Mr. CEU here is a few things you should know. The only stipulation is that a CEU club sponsors you. If you want help finding a club to represent, contact Lynn Prince at [email protected] or talk to any student government officer. There are three definite rounds: evening wear, swim wear and talent. This show is meant to be fun so your talent can be anything from busting cans on your head, to singing the national anthem backwards. Last year talents included: nunchucks, arm wrestling, unicycling, dancing and swimming in a kiddy pool with a floatation device but no water. There will be a lot of fun cash prizes, so if you are interested in participating just get in contact with a student government officer to sign up.

Emcees for the Miss CEU pageant will be Kellen Jones and Tremelling. The woman who wins Miss CEU will have the opportunity to compete for Miss Utah, and then in the event of winning that pageant will continue to the Miss America pageant. After being crowned the new Miss CEU, the contestant will become a representative of the school and expected to appear at events. Last year's winner Tremelling recalls the hardest thing to do was learn to walk in heels and was found many times walking Aaron Jones Hall practicing.

For those who are interested in attending the pageant and support their favorite women they will be judged according to four areas: evening wear, swimsuit, talent, and an stage question. There will be a queen, first and second attendant, Miss Congeniality and a Miss Spirit.

Don't forget to sign up for Mr. CEU and be sure to support both pageants in Febuary.

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