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CEU Mining instructor Darwin "Dobby" Guymon, 62, died of a sudden heart attack at his home on February 24.

He began teaching for CEU's Mining Department in September 1987 and continued full time until May 2004.   In January 2005, he was employed by the Southeast Applied Technology College - A UCAT campus following the transfer of the mining program to CEU's partner institution.  When the two colleges merged in July 2007, he again became an employee of CEU.  

'His commitment to his profession was evident as he held many industry credentials and certifications related to his teaching.   Among these he was a member of the International Society of Certified Mine Safety Professionals and member of the Rocky Mountain Coal Mine Rescue Association.   Prior to his employment as an educator at CEU, he worked many years in the mining industry including production and administration," wrote Miles Nelson, CEU associate vice president of workforce education.

"His talent for teaching, combined with his innate ability to connect with his students made him a superior instructor.   He was also one of the most dedicated research specialists in the mining department, constantly studying and learning about changes in the applicable laws and processes in the industry," Nelson continued.

Guymon was born in Idaho and his family moved to Montana when three months old to 17 years old. He moved to Utah where he spent the remainder of is life.  

He was talented and became a master leather craftsman. His family wrote that his natural artistic ability won him numerous blue ribbons at the state fairs.

He had a love for horses and through studying and reading, became a proficient trainer culminating in winning the world championship showing Ponies of America. An avid reader, he earned a master's degree and respected in the mining community as an instructor and director in the CEU mining department.

He loved his children and grandchildren, friends, horses, playing pool and exchanging stories and telling jokes.

He was proceeded in death by daughter Desiree Lee Harwood and son Darby Dal Guymon. He is survived by his son Dan David Guymon and Dori Lou Linnell.

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