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A follow-up campus forum was held on Thursday, November 30 to address student concerns from a prior forum held in October. The forum  was sponsored by ASCEU in hopes of giving students a voice in the college's service to them. Steve Burge served as the mediator of the event.

Some of the prior concerns the students expressed about the campus food services were brought up again at this forum.    Students want to be able to buy packaged food, fresh fruits and prepared sandwiches and a sack lunch meal deal as part of a grab and go deal.   Students were also concerned with the treatment that they were receiving from some of the staff in the cafeteria and hoped that they could receive better customer service.  

Students were also concerned with what happened to their money on their meal card at the end of the semester.   It was suggested to create a roll over system on meal card from fall to spring semesters with each student paying the difference at the beginning of the semester, and organizing a general budget with any excess funds to allow students who don't have extra money to use it when their cards run out. Another suggestion was to make a no money limit on meal plans, however it was mentioned that students did not like that plan five years ago.   Everyone at the forum recognized the all the service and hard work that the food service gives to the campus and it was suggested that CEU find someway to honor and show CEU's appreciation to them.

Another big issue that was discussed at the campus forum was the students problems with the curfew in the dorms.  One student argued that "we are adults and shouldn't have to worry about keeping a curfew.   Students are coming to college and are being treated like two year olds."   It was also mentioned by other students that dorm curfews are not consistent in all of the dorms.   No solution was made and one will try to be reached during the next campus forum.

There was also a concern with what would happen to international students over the break.   It was suggested that instead of scattering them across the campus, that there should be central housing maybe in the AJ dorms, that way they would have access to a kitchen and it would be less expensive to stay there over the break. The kitchen idea was in responce to the cafeteria being closed throughout the holiday break.

Registration was also a concern for some students.   Some of the classes they need for graduation aren't offered at convenient times and it is hard for them to balance their schedule with all of the classes that are required.   It was suggested that they start offering the same classes at more times, that way they are able to fill all their requirements.   Half-semester classes were also suggested at the forum.

Many students at the forum were able to express their concerns and questions.   The faculty and administration were a big help in answering their questions and offering some solutions to their concerns.   Another follow up campus forum will occur sometime this semester.

Jesse Holt, ASCEU president, acknowledges that the students are being represented well at the forums. "The administration is leaving the problem solving up to ASCEU and we are getting most of the problems addressed. The voice of the students are being served through these forums and we are making continual progress in solving student issues."

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