Cafeteria expands menu


Posted Thursday, January 31, 2008 - 12:00am

According to an e-mail sent this week by Sharon Jones, administrative assistant to the dean of students and residential living, "try something from the new list of quick fixings from the cafeteria."

The new list includes; jalapeno corn dog $1.49, corn dogs $1.49, ham & cheese roller-stix $1.49, quarter-pound hot dogs $1.99.

The selection of bratwursts includes: Johnsonville Bratwurst $1.99, Johnsonville Hot Links Bratwurst $1.99, Johnsonville Cheddar Bratwurst $1.99.

Who can resist home-style pizza $2.50, jalapeno poppers (3) $1.75, broccoli cheese poppers (3) $1.75, zucchini slices (3) $1.75, pretzel $2.25, mozzarella sticks $2.40?

To top it off; chicken chimichangas $2.40, beef & bean chimichanas $2.40, chicken tenders (2) $3.79, nachos $2.25, bacon-cheese potato $2.40, hot wings (3) $3.10.

If one of these new options doesn't float your boat maybe if you ask real nice the people in charge of dining services will accommodate your wishes. If you never try how will you ever know?

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