Brought into help CEU-USU transition

Posted Thursday, April 17, 2008 - 12:00am

In an effort to assist students in the transition between Utah State University and College of Eastern Utah, Dan Allred was brought onboard to fulfill this plan.

He is from Boise, Idaho, but spent most of his life in Fruit Heights, Utah, which is five minutes north of Lagoon near Farmington.   He said, "I attended college at Utah State University where I studied history and Russian. I met my wife, Sharadee, in my junior year and we were married that next August after an off-and-on courtship."

Afterward Allred "worked for a short time with Stevens-Henager College in admissions, but left to pursue a more academic-advising position."  

He explains, "That is what ultimately brought us to Price with our little girl, Lydia Jori, who was born last February. We love the area and have gotten to know some great people."

Expressing his interests and hobbies, Allred states, "I love the outdoors and am looking forward to all that Castle Country has to offer. I particularly enjoy rock climbing, backpacking, camping and hiking. I also am a big fan of books and movies and have been known to stay up late with computer games."

The job responsibilities for Allred include being a "full-time member of the CEU advising team and working with them with orientation and advising CEU students."  

He states, "I also work with the USU–Price staff and am involved in helping them provide bachelor's degrees to the Price campus. My primary responsibility is to provide full-time advising to students at CEU who are looking to finish their associate degree and are planning on pursuing their bachelor's degree at USU–Price."

While at CEU, Allred's primary goal is to "provide the best service that I can to the students of CEU in helping them meet and exceed their educational goals."

"I have really enjoyed the people here at CEU," expresses Allred.   "The students, faculty and staff have been fantastic and I feel like I have already made good friends. I'd have to say that the thing that I have enjoyed the least is digging my stapler out of a big thing of Jello, but it was funny at the same time."

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