Best of times, worst of times, good bye CEU

Posted Wednesday, April 15, 2009 - 4:50pm

I once heard the quote, "Life is not about finding yourself it's about creating yourself," unknown.

When I thought about writing this last will and testament, I thought to myself, I have done so much at CEU. I had the chance to live two different lives in two years. I got to live the on-campus life, going to all school activities. I also lived the life away from CEU, working and never being on campus.

Having the chance to live both lives, was the best thing I could have done. I have met some amazing people that I consider lifetime friends, and also created stronger bonds with some of the ones I have had from before. I also met some amazing teachers that have taught me much, not just about school, but about life in general. I would tell anyone to come to CEU; you will meet amazing people and get the college life that you cannot get from any other campus.

First, when I was thinking about coming to CEU, I thought, go to school to learn and that is all college is about. Then I met Kris Brenneman and Zack Hall. These guys completely changed what I thought about school. They made me realize that college is not just about school but about making a lot of new memories, such as painting Gibby, and the grass around it. (Sorry whoever had to clean that up) These are just a few of the friends, and memories that I made at this school, and I consider the friends I met friends for life.

Another aspect about attending school not that far from where I am from is having people I have known my whole life, right here again. Trevor Komar, Jordan McCourt, Trever Thompson, and, of course Kyler Edgehouse are just a few. I have known these guys my whole life, and having them at school made my life easier. Thompson especially helped me because he has been here a year before me, and helped me through the tough times of coming into a new school.

The one thing that I got from CEU, that I will never forget was what I learned from the most amazing teacher on this campus, Susan Polster. In case you have not had the pleasure of meeting this not just amazing teacher, but this amazing person, you need to get over to the newsroom. (No we're not a cult). After sitting down and talking to her for five minutes, you realize that she is not like most teachers, she actually cares about you as a person. She helped me through a lot of hard times with school, homework and life in general.

She helped me out with a lot of life skills, from daring to talk to a coach that has just lost, and ask him about the game, to taking pictures of some random dude getting arrested, both are something that I would never have done before CEU. This is the only school that I would have been able to get so close to a teacher as I did her. Susan is on my speed dial as much as I call her. If there is an award for the most amazing person on campus I would give it to her, and I think that most other students that have had her would do the same.

Scott Frederick is also another teacher/friend that I have met at school. He is the photo editor for the newspaper, and also a photography teacher. He is the best photographer that I have ever met, and could probably teach a monkey how to use a camera. He has made me into a photographer and able to take pictures that I can be proud of. Frederick is also the happiest person I know, I have never seen this guy without a smile on his face and always make the long nights for everyone in the newsroom go by faster. I have had some good memories with him and the rest of the staff (UVU newspaper trip).

I have had the pleasure of being on student government on campus, and also being sports editor for two years. Both of these programs helped me grow up. Student government showed me how to be friends with everyone, and to be a lot more responsible. It gave me the opportunity to bring homecoming back to EU. It is an honor to say that I brought back homecoming to this school, with the help of DEl Beatty, and the rest of the school.

Newspaper has opened many doors in my life, bringing me closer to a communication career that I would love to do and giving me opportunities after school to be successful.

Some other people that have really made my life easier would be all the people in the B-DAC that I have been associated with. Ruth Whiteside, Cynthia Norried, Coach Chris Craig, Coach Anthony Owens, Coach Dave Paur, and Coach Scott Madsen are just a few of them. I have had the chance to work closely with these people, and get to know all of them on a personal level.

Working with these coaches have made my job with the newspaper so much easier, they have always been quick with answering back to me, and even just talking to me about random stuff. Ruth and Cynthia are like my moms away from home; they take care of me and make sure everything is good in my life, and make sure I am all caught up in my work.

Before I close this I would just like to throw some more names out of people that I want to thank for my years here. Cami Cox-Hussey , Cole Unsworth, Stephen Torrez, Pete Marabele , Haley McCracken , Meag Pearson, Chandler Pearson, Aaron England , Ryan Steam, Cody Allen, Frankie Kraych, the baseball team, the basketball teams, and many others. Thanks everyone for everything that you have done for me.

In closing, thanks to everyone for making CEU such a great place to live for my last two years. CEU helped get a well paying job after school, and able to be versatile in what I want to pursue. It has helped me meet my future wife Virginia Ann Reid. Thank you CEU for everything, I will miss everyone that I made memories with.

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