Besides teaching, Zwick travels

Posted Thursday, September 8, 2005 - 12:00am

Having patience in teaching math is one of Henry Zwick's best attributes.  Zwick has called CEU home for the past 16 years and teaches the higher level math classes, computer science and engineering classes.

His full name is Henry Andrew Frank Zwick. Originally from Chicago, Ill., he moved to Price, like most professors, for the job.   One of the many reasons Zwick loves to work at CEU is because he has the freedom to teach.  

Zwick said, "I like Price because it is small, rural and far from the city."   He likes living in this area because he grew up in a city and now just likes the quiet life of a small community.

He enthusiastically admits that he has always wanted to be a teacher.   He liked his teachers throughout school, and he loves to teach people who like to learn.   Zwick said, "The best thing about teaching is helping students."

Zwick attended college at Northeastern University in Chicago where he received his bachelor's degree in math.   He then attended University of Idaho and received two master's degrees' in math and computer science.    He says he nearly has a minor in chemistry and physics. All the schooling has paid off because now he teaches the higher-level math classes, computer science programming and is the department chair in engineering. His favorite classes to teach are deferential equations. He is also the advisor for math, computer science and engineering.  

Zwick wants to help students to succeed. "I encourage students to come by for help." He does not spend all of his time at CEU though he likes to travel and one of his favorite places to go is the Oregon Coast.  He also likes to spend time in front of the TV watching comedies, dramas, and the news.   His favorite sitcoms are Cold Case and Numbers.   "I really like Numbers, after all I am a math teacher."

He has taught at numerous universities before CEU including the University of Idaho, Utah State University, Washington State University.

He does not have any more educational goals, "I already made my goal, it was teaching at CEU."   Zwick plans to end his career at CEU but hopes to continue teaching emeritus a few classes here and there.

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