Besides teaching, Truschka enjoys beauty of Utah

Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2009 - 2:39am

Laura Strate

lifestyles editor

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Jennifer Truschka recently joined the College of the Eastern Utah faculty as a political science, philosophy and history instructor. Truschka chose CEU because of the school's ability to hire teachers with a wide range of knowledge and interests rather than those with a narrow speciality.

Truschka was raised in the mid-west city of Chicago where she studied political science, specializing in political philosophy. She is finished with her doctoral classwork and is currently working on her dissertation in comparative politics. For her study, she is working with DAVIDA, a radical group in Brazil who lobbies for the rights of prostitutes. DAVIDA believes prostitution should be legalized and the prostitutes should receive the same civil rights as the citizens. Truschka has made four trips to Brazil, up to six months at a time, to help this cause. Now she is contacting organizations of similar interests to help with DAVIDA.

With any spare time she finds, Truschka enjoys reading French literature and books about history. She has done extensive traveling, including Paris, Italy and Greece. She also enjoys broadening her knowledge of political science.

She enjoys political science because of the range of specialties within the field. Besides her studies with political philosophy and comparative science, Truschka studied international relations, but the area of political science contains many more aspects from local government to Plato.

Truschka had planned to use her studies to teach, but was also interested in social organizations such as the Peace Core.

The move from Chicago to Price left Truschka with the feeling of uncertainty, but she is enjoying the natural beauty of Utah. "The people are very friendly with a high level of tolerance," she says," I didn't know what to expect, but I love the nature." Truschka teaches classes in political science, American government, philosophy and Western civilization. She plans to teach at CEU "until they fire me".

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