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One thing I can’t avoid doing is looking into the mouth of people when they talk to me. I have seen some good and some bad mouths. Some white teeth and some teeth that I cannot tell what color they are.

Our mouth and teeth are our glory and I expect people would take good care of them. Brushing daily is not all that needs to be done about oral hygiene. Flossing should be a routine. Food waste tends to hide in the gaps and the molar areas and although the teeth look clean, there are food particles hidden between them. Floss each night before bed.

Invest in your teeth, it tells a lot about you. White teeth are attractive. If you have good teeth, you can laugh anytime without having to cover up your smile. Some whitening strips have proven effective, (I personally use baking soda and lime twice in a month to brush), it’s cheaper and the results are amazing. If you decide do this, do so with caution. The combination can cause you to lose enamel. That’s why I only do so twice a month. Quit smoking; from my observation, people who smoke have some of the worst teeth. has eight tips for oral hygiene

1. Understand your own oral health needs.

2. Commit to a daily oral routine.

3. Use fluoride product.

4. Brush and floss to remove plagues.

5. Limit snacks, particularly those high in simple sugars and eat a balanced diet.

6. If you use tobacco in any form, quit.

7. Examine your mouth regularly.

8. Visit the dental office regularly.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is body odor. Daily activities cause us to sweat. Shower at least once a day. Water should not be an issue for anyone. Even people in countries that don’t have water, take showers daily. Use soap, shampoo and clean very well. The fact that you use soap does not mean you are clean, use a loufa or wash cloth that helps in getting rid of dead skin cells.

According to, “Perspiration itself is clear and odorless. Only after it mixes with bacteria on the surface of the skin does it take on an odor. Thus, washing regularly does more to eliminate body odor than the use of deodorants or colognes. Most people assume that perspiration itself is the cause of the odor. However, if your perspiration smells like bleach you may have kidney or liver disease. If your perspiration smells fruity you may have an onset of diabetes. Both odors are indications that some internal problem exists.” I suggest you see a doctor.

If you have body odor or even if you do not, here is my suggestion on how to take care of body odor; rub fresh lime or lemon juice (not a can of lime juice), mixed with baking soda in your armpit and over your body for 10 to 15 minutes. Baking soda and lime or lemon is noted to fight odors. If you decide to use this please do so with some caution to avoid irritation.

Body hairs can be a factor in body odor. It is advisable for people with lots of body hair to do some “man-scaping.” I remember my mom checking my armpit weekly to make sure they were shaved. Today I look back and am thankful she brought me up to do so.

My issue is with smokers. A guy on campus passed by me in the morning smelling good. By noon when he passed, he reeked of cigarette smoke. I was left wondering why he wasted time showering only to ruin it with the smell of cigarette smoke.

Using cologne and deodorant without showering only helps for few hours. The smell does not go away, it triggers bad odor.

Bad odor is something that one can have and not know, because he or she is used to the bad smell. One way I check for body odor is throwing my unwashed clothes in the air and letting it drop on my face, but seek feedback.

Finger and toenails should be taken care of often; there is no reason to leave it unkempt. When the fingernails are not cut we transfer germs to our body when we eat with those unkempt hands. In case you don’t have time to do it or don’t know how, go to the cosmetology department in the SAC building, they will do it at a small fee. Guys don’t be shy to go get a manicure or pedicure; there are guys who sneak in there to do it too.

If you fail to take care of yourself no one else will. Personally that goes a long way to tell me that you won’t care about yourself. It is your body and do not expect anyone to take care of it for you. Get into the habit and it will soon become part of you. Being in college with a lot of homework is no excuse to have nasty, stinky armpits and greasy hair. Get over yourself and get the clean look you deserve.

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