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Exercising personal freedom is one of the most alluring things when thinking of attending college. With the casual dress and attitudes that exist in colleges across America, it is not surprising that there are quite a few students who just don't get the hint on how to act in class. While the difference between classroom behavior and course grades may not be evident, there are some behaviors that are obviously rude, unacceptable and offensive.

As college students, we are allowed to choose our class schedule based on the time frame that best suits us. Meaning, you should choose the classes you know you will be on time for, and be able to attend the entire period. However, there are many instances when people are constantly late or continuously leave early. Even people who believe that they are the most quiet while entering or exiting, the class discussion is still hindered for those who regularly attend by your failure to attend the entire class.

Yes, we realize there are some cases in which you just cannot be on time. In those instances, come in sit down and shut up. Do not ask the people around you what's going on, they are trying to pay attention to what is going on in class. It is not their responsibility to inform you on what you missed due to your tardiness. If by chance you are tardy, wait until after class to ask either the people around you or the instructor what you missed while you were gone.

I understand that teachers are lenient on what you can bring to class. For example, food and drinks, but when someone who is sitting in front of you while you are trying to pay attention in class decides to bring a four-course meal, I think the choice isit unless you want to share with the rest of the class that you are disturbing while consuming your meal.

Class discussions are something that can make or break how well you learn in class.

If an instructor is giving an interactive discussion and there is someone who just won't shut up and give the rest of the class a chance to talk, it just isn't appropriate. If you're sitting in an anatomy class where the teacher is talking about the cells that make up your liver and you find yourself compelled to ask "Why does my grandma who doesn't drink alcohol have cirrhosis?" Then, when the professor who is trying not to be annoyed by your off subject question, answers and you correct him/her, notice you may be getting your answer at the expense of annoying the entire class including the instructor.

If your chemistry teacher is talking about the element ferrous and you decide to tell the entire class you have a ferret and what it's name is, you are also annoying the class. These people may think they are funny by shouting out their life stories at the drop of a hat. However, the class does not think you are that funny, you are interrupting the time they have to learn the subject they signed up for. Just wait until after class, that way anyone who does not wish to hear about your pet ferret or grandma who has cirrhosis can leave.

What's the moral of the story? The reason we come to school is to learn. It is not to socialize during class, eat or disrupt anyone. We pay to be here so that we can learn we would appreciate allowing us the courtesy of doing so.

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