Automotive Program nationally ranked top 20

Posted Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - 4:27pm

Kelli Burke-Gabossi

staff writer

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Last October, the College of Eastern Utah's Automotive Program was sent a letter from Tomorrow's Technician requesting the program to apply for the Tomorrow's Technician 2010 School of the Year. There were 240 entrants, and CEU found its way into the top 20 again for the eighth year in a row. The automotive program was informed Jan. 14 of their success.

Department Chair Stan Martineau believes that CEU's Automotive Program was ranked in the top 20 because of each student's success. Last fall, 13 out of 14 students passed the national test; according to Martineau, about 60 percent of students nationwide pass the test, so CEU is well ahead of their game.

Martineau stated that a former student had stopped by the school recently and informed him that she is working as a technician in Alaska because of what she learned while enrolled in the automotive program at CEU. Another factor of success, confirmed Martineau, is the amount of community service that the students contribute. Not to mention that every year for the last eight years, at least one student from CEU has placed first in state Skills USA competition.

There are still some improvements that students could make, though. "The ability to take notes and save information has deteriorated over the years. There's been a change in dedication." However, these are just minor bumps along the way. Not only has the automotive program received top 20 for the past eight years, it has also been ranked among the top three by the Automotive Industry Planning Council and rated a Program of Excellence by Snap-On Tools.

Martineau began teaching at Mesa State 16 years ago. He was a technician in Grand Junction, Colo., but because of a back injury, he decided to take a teaching position at the college. He transferred to CEU because of the smaller community and more outdoor interaction. "I feel successful because of the community and the people," he added.

Martineau instructs seminars and evening classes for technicians. He has served on the board of directors for the North American Council of Automotive Teachers, captain of the Carbon County Sherriff Posse and scout master. He enjoys being around horses and seeing the country. "If I weren't teaching, I'd still be a technician or own my own business because I like cars."

The only regret that Martineau carries is that he didn't continue his education after receiving his associate of science degree as valedictorian of his class.

Martineau can be found in his office at the Career Center room #110 Monday through Thursday from 8 – 9 a.m. or by appointment. "I really appreciate the administration, students, and community. This is just a great place. We're a unique campus. We're not for everybody. But I think most students like it here," he concluded.

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