Automotive program brings home five awards


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College of Eastern Utah's automotive program, under the direction of Stan Martineau, earned five awards from the state competition last weekend.

"We competed in several events against all of the auto programs including the big boys: Salt Lake Community College, Weber State University and Southern Utah University, who all have four year programs," Martineau said. "And CEU students won three first place awards."

Students who placed first will represent Utah at the national competition.

CEU's Keith Mortensen won first in Job Skill Demonstration. He demonstrated the use of an automotive lab scope, waveforms and their use to locate difficult problems.

CEU's Ashley Dimmick won first in Customer Service. She ran an office scheduling appointments, typing information & preparing forms – with the phone ringing about every two minutes. This forum requires multitasking and a calm manner in a difficult situation.

Jordan Strait won first in Job Skill Demonstration. A Carbon High School student who attends classes at CEU, demonstrated the use of a multimeter along with basic electrical theory to locate and repair automotive electrical problems.

CEU's Chris DeVaney placed third in Job Skill demonstration. He demonstrated the machining process to sleeve a block & the proper use of the measuring tools and equipment.

CEU's Bill Berner has some of the strongest competition in the contest and walked away with third place in Extemporneous Speech. He competed against the returning national champion, the returning first-place student from last year, the high school winner from last year who is now in college, the vice president of the Utah state organization, and several other top notch students – most of whom were from four-year colleges.

The automotive program had 20 percent of the class compete in the competition and place among the top three in the state. Martineau said all of the students worked hard to prepare and represented the College of Eastern Utah very well.

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