ATOD's Axelsen plans media campaigns, coordinates grants, plans alternate activities


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Promotes positive activities
Posted Thursday, March 8, 2007 - 12:00am

Tammie Axelsen is one of the newest employees in the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Program. She works along side the DRC in the student counseling program. She also maintains an advisory board with departments on campus and other state agencies off CEU's campus.

Members of the board include Acacia Davis, Becky Conary, Bill Osborn, Brad King, Brad Watson, Chris Owens, Daniel Allen, Danielle Pendergrass, Dave Paur, Debbie Marvidakis, Georgina Nowak, James Prettyman, Kelli Shaw, Liz Ferguson, Luz Flores, Mike King, Ryan Thomas, Shanny Wilson, Tracy Kitchen, Halee Rassmusen, and Kerri Rogers.

Some of the agencies represented on the board from outside the college include Four Corners Mental Health and the Southeastern Utah Health Office.

Axelsen's responsibilities include introducing media campaigns, coordinating the SIG-E grant and also planning the alternate activities for CEU students that the federal grant funds.

Axelsen said, "The next activity will be March Madness Bingo Nights on March 22 and 29 in the JLSC." One of her main goals is to show students who would ordinarily be out getting into trouble, that there are many activities ... even in Price to have fun without having to visit our office.

Some activities they planned and executed included The Coyote Ugly Mocktail Party, Movie Nights at the BDAC, the Wave Pool party, and Bowling Night at Jensen's Country Lanes.

"One of our main goals of the department is to find activities that students enjoy and maintain those activities even after our grant funding runs out," she said. All the activities are approved by the SIG-E board. We must get approval from the board and always ask for feedback to see how well the activity was received by the college and students.

Axelsen is working on earning her associate's of science degree.

One of her favorite classes is chemistry. After a long day of work she enjoys playing with her three-year-old son, enjoys bowling and trips to Lake Powell, occasionally she also pretends to golf. She pictures herself in 10 years at home with her children.

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I would just like to add that the previous ATOD Coordinator Did an excellent job and many things that Ms. Axelsen is taking credit for was from the hard work of Mandy who I don't know about you all but I miss she actually cared about us as students. CEU always lets the good ones go!!!!!