ASCEU updates

Posted Thursday, November 15, 2007 - 12:00am

The past two student government meetings discussed residence halls, activities, sports and intramurals issues. The Nov. 1 meeting included discussions about the new noise policy, and the key stolen in the AJ Residential Halls.

Residence Hall advisors reported that they are receiving too many noise complaints and it has caused them to take action. When someone has been too loud, the RAs have told them to be quiet or in more extreme cases, a fine was given to the person. But now there is a chance a ticket will also be given to them. There is also the three-strike rule that three strikes and the person will be asked to leave the residence hall.

In the meeting on Nov. 8, the meeting's topics included discussing the RA key for AJ that had been taken, found. They also discussed the car donation from Murdock GM, and

the fire alarms going off sporadically in the residence halls, particularly Aaron Jones.

The car donation is a big deal for the Golden Eagle Chair Riley Spears, who hopes it will incline people to attend the home ball games. There is a catch with winning this car, you must be a member of the CEU Scream Team. So, how do you join the scream team? Simply buy a shirt and attend the games. Shirts are available at the ASCEU office. All you need to do is pay $2 at the cashier's window and bring your receipt as proof of purchase to the ASCEU Student Government Office and pick up your shirt.

The fire alarms are due to go off again. There has been problems with the fire alarms again so be prepared for a random fire alarm.

Also, intramural volleyball is back by popular demand and sponsored by ASCEU Student Government. People need to get their teams together and come to the BDAC on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. and prepared to for great competition.

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