5 reasons to come watch USU Eastern baseball this spring


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 1 .The grass is getting greener and greener every day. Eastern’s baseball field is clean cut and growing green. It’s beginning to feel like spring on a daily basis and spring weather is baseball weather. Kids love coming to watch baseball on a “real” field

2. It’s conference baseball with half of the conference schedule left to play it heats up now. Eastern is notorious for heating up at the end of the season and playing spoiler for the nationally ranked teams such as Western Nevada or Salt Lake Community College.  If you like underdogs, Eastern is your team.

3. The players will respond.  When asked how he would feel if more fans were in attendance, freshman outfielder Reggie Gates said, “I would love it.” Baseball players thrive off of crowds. Look at the 2002 Angels, when the rally monkey would come out the fans would go nuts and then the players would react. The same holds true for Eastern baseball. When the crowd comes alive the players come out with a sharpness that’s just different.

4. All week the practices are focused on intensity, hustle and limiting mistakes. Eastern baseball’s goals are to play like they practice and if you’ve seen their practices they put on a show with diving plays and tons of hustle. Then there are the long balls by guys like Chance Abrath, Mason Moore, and Denver Hansen with others jumping in on the fun as well.

5. The fans are the key to put the intensity into the games. With your help and support, Eastern baseball will put on a show and put up a fight to some of the top baseball talent on the west coast. The presence of fans, even if just there for social reasons, brings that secret formula to a team that’s already filled with great chemistry.

Come and enjoy and make our team your team!

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