4-year wildlife science degree

Mike King to head program
Posted Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 8:29pm

Beginning fall semester 2011, bachelor degrees in wildlife science will be offered at USU-Eastern.

Classes are offered face-to-face in Price and via interactive broadcast from two professors in Vernal and several in Logan. These classes haven’t been offered at the Price campus until now.

According to Mike King, Ph.D., nearly 20 students expressed an interest in the subject so far this year. He hopes to have at least 12 students enrolled in the degree program in the fall.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for students. We haven’t had this degree here in Price before. We’ve always had students with these types of interests. For those who want to stick around, they have the opportunity to stay and complete the degree here in Price,” stated King.

Students will have opportunities to do field work, undergraduate research and other hands-on work. Some students have already found summer job opportunities with natural resource agencies here in the area and there are still some summer positions available. “All of those things will help make it a strong program. I think it’ll be exciting.”

Students obtaining this degree will learn that there are many career opportunities around the community. “They will be prepared to go to work for wildlife management agencies like Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, federal agencies like the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. They will also be prepared to work for conservation groups that are non-governmental organizations like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. They could also find employment with a private consultant or with ranchers or farmers. There are a lot of different options.”

Required classes for the degree are: BIOL 1610, BIOL 1620, NR 2220, CHEM 1210, CHEM 1220, PSC 3000, WILD 2000, WILD 3300, WILD 3600, WILD 3610, WILD 3810, WILD 4500, WILD 4600, WILD 4750, WILD 4850, WILD 4880, WILD 4910, ENVS 3010, ENVS 4000, APEC 3012, BIOL 5560, BIOL 5570 and BIOL 5580.

This degree is ideal for students who love the outdoors and being in nature. Not all work is outside but students will spend a large amount of their time outdoors. There will be opportunities to work with people as well.

Students who have an interest in the wildlife science degree should contact King at [email protected] or call 435.613.5400.

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