3 suspected flu cases reported on campus


As weather turns, more students feeling ill
Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - 6:07am

The number of probable cases of H1N1 at the College of Eastern Utah now stands at three.

"Thus far we have three suspected cases on the Price campus. We have been informed by the Health Department that no tests are being done to confirm H1N1 at this time," said Brad King, vice president of student services/institutional advancement in an e-mail sent in a campus-wide e-mail.

"H1N1 is the only flu currently circulating according to the Health Department," he added. "When you hear of a case or suspected case, please contact me and let me know."

"One of our three cases was reported by six people and it took a little detective work to track it down to the one student. It is important to collect this information in one office so that we can properly keep the Health Department informed.

"They also told me that a good rule of thumb for diagnosis is there will be three systems involved with the symptoms. Those would be high fever, body aches, vomiting or diarrhea, sore throat, or severe headache. Any three of these is probably H1N1. Two or one symptom and it is probably something else. Those affected have been ill anywhere from three to nine days.

"We will try and keep faculty informed of students in their classes, but are encouraging all students to communicate directly with their professors as soon as possible," King said.

According to the KSL website, Dr. David Sundwall, executive director of the Utah Department of Health, said, "I would recommend they not go to the doctor unless they have what I call a febrile illness, a significant

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