“Take Me!”


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Kort and Kody Christoffersen are brothers and teammates at USU Eastern. They are both sophomore members of the baseball team, hailing from the city of Ogden, Utah.

Kort K. Christoffersen graduated from Weber High in 2009. He participated solely in baseball during his high school career, but won many awards throughout that time. He was named to the first team all state and was the all-star game MVP. Now at USU Eastern, Kort’s success has continued as both a pitcher and shortstop. His favorite thing about baseball is his teammates. “The guys on the team are great . We always have a good time,” he said.

In his spare time, Kort likes to golf, go camping, take road trips and eat. He prefers waffles over pancakes, and is planning on majoring in communications. He is looking to forward his education at Dixie State College next year, playing baseball and taking his brother Kody along with him to play.

Kody L. Christoffersen was a 2010 graduate of Weber High. He also participated only in baseball, and was named to the all-region team. Now, Kody plays second base and pitcher for the Eagles. His favorite thing about baseball is his teammates as well. However, unlike his brother, Kody prefers pancakes over waffles.

Kody likes to golf, hunt, camp, and “cook food with Nathan.” He is an avid gamer, living out his Major League dreams through his X-Box. In their house off campus, they have four TVs in their living room. This makes it possible for “all four of [them] to play baseball at the same time on separate TVs.”

The four TVs aren’t the only indicators that men inhabit the home. At the dining table, there is a recliner in place of a regular chair. Scattered around the premises are several fridges, and an abandoned couch they found off the side of the road now rests in their front room. “There was a sign on it saying, ‘take me’. So we took it!” commented the brothers jokingly.

Assistant baseball Coach KC Smurthwaite says of the brothers, “They are great players. They both contribute a lot to our team, on and off the field. Kody has helped us a lot, even though he is currently hurt. Kort makes our team look good… as in his hair makes us look good. He has great style.”

Smurthwaite speaks the truth. With the combination of their talent and style, they are both sure to go far.

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