“All I want for Christmas is . . .”

Posted Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 8:57pm

Do you wish there was really a man in your life that would buy you everything you wanted? That would bring presents for you and leave them under your Christmas tree in exchange for cookies and milk? Some students at USU-CEU would like Santa to know what is at the top of their Christmas list.

Jenna Rudolph, Price, wants a laptop, treadmill or Sketchers shape-up shoes. Cynjon Longman, Lehi, wants a 22 revolver. Mallary Cottam, Duchesne, wants the Nook, boots, and a Mac laptop. Jake Cottam, Price, wants Dexter Coasters, Dracula or the Nook.

Cassidy Scovill, Orangeville, wants a method of transportation: a car. Marty Youngblood, Orangeville, wants an iPod touch or new tires for his car. Jordan Cunningham, West Point, wants a flat screen T.V.; Scott Zaborski, Santa Cruz, Calif., wants a raven claw tie or anything Harry Potter.

Melanie Rhodes, Price, wants a Nintendo Wii with Dance-Dance Revolution. Carlie Miller, Price, wants a $1,000 gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles. David Osborne Jr., South Jordan, wants the men’s basketball team to take nationals. Jessa Love Adams, Lindon, wants the Nook from Barnes and Noble.

Daylan Jones, Layton, wants the Flirty Girl Fitness Workout DVD. Mae Goss, Lehi, wants to go home for Christmas. Daniela Polito, Green River, would like peace and harmony with herself and others and an iPad. Tyler Gale, Price, wants computer accessories. James Kinney II, Champagne, Ill., wants a Macbook Pro.

Troyal George, Lehi, wants everyone to love each other or some Dickies shorts. Ariel Halton, Huntington, wants to help a family so they can have a good Christmas. Brandon Williams, Houston, Texas, wants to spend time with his family. Susan Polster, Price, wants the iPad.

Tadd Mecham, Green River, wants new shoes or clothing. Kelli Burke-Gabossi, Price, wants a key board and Finale PrintMusic. Sterling Anderson, Price, wants an anatomy book. Kris Sanford, Clearfield, wants The Flip (video camera.) Kristine Reddingon, Layton, wants a new pair of boots.

Kathryn James, New Castle, Wyo., wants to go home to decorate her house, bake cookies with her family, and Disney’s Princess & the Frog or a bath robe. Kristen Zarucchi Mize, Dinuba, Calif., wants to to spend Christmas with her boyfriend. She would also like to update her wardrobe for the winter.

Dakota Hatch, Blanding, wants a Macbook Pro. Cameron Evans, West Point, wants Ms. Daylan Jones for Christmas. Diana Phillips, Lehi, wants a Chip N’ Dale Dancer and her school to be paid for. Bryant Crowder, Harlem, N.Y., wants Ms. Valeria Moncada for Christmas.

Jake Josie, Bluffdale, wants a new pair of Vans. Jonathan Mills, Chicago, Ill., is happy with everything he has and wants others to be happy. Theresa Montoya, Price, wants Brad Paisley. And finally, Valeria Moncada, Price, wants a brand new pair of high-top hot pink and black Jordans.

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